You must also value the ideals and philosophy of the shop; take ownership and pride in your work and like humans. For REAL!  


We also seek someone that has a strong interest or passion to work in the following areas;

• Local Fresh Seasonal Produce;

• Fresh Bread Daily and Special Diet Breads;

• Local Culinary Tourism;

• Global Cuisine;

• Health & Wellbeing;

• Kitchen Gardening;

• Homewares;

• Gifts;

• and Cookbooks…

or that you have a passion or strong interest in

• Wellbeing Diets;

• Baking and Home Making;

• Preserving;

• Fermenting;

• Cooking;

• Gardening;

• Vegan Cooking

• and even a bit of food prep and bulkfood packing, labelling and stacking etc 

EMAIL Application to  IMPORTANT! So we don’t play that Chicken and Egg game...

and include in the email SUBJECT HEADING:

JOB: the type of job or work you are wanting

NAME: your full name

MOBILE: your number


Please get a feel for the recipe! Don’t over bake it! 

If you love food...

We Want You!

So your looking for work at Bendigo Wholefoods Huh? Interesting!   

Well, we are always on the lookout for that something or someone a bit special. We hope that’s you!   


We are a quirky community food-store, Grocer, Wholefoods kitchen Café and Garden Nursery that strives for old fashioned customer service and a bit of the save time online hip tech stuff.     


We want a work-culture and a workmate that values hospitality, enthusiasm, interaction, banter, initiative, a positive attitude, being a Whole-Team player as well as being clean, tidy and organised… So we hope that’s you!  


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