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Celebrating food for 

Over 30 Years!

Food... We love it! We’re a wholefoods greengrocer, edible garden nursery & a wholefoods kitchen cafe! We’ve got local, global, organic, deli, health, vegan, bulk, super food, growing food, food for fun & more...


We have been gathering the goodies for over 30 years & currently showcase over 100 producers & farmers from the Bendigo and Central Victorian region. We fossick for local & organic produce where possible... & some free-range farmyness on our doorstep! Find your flavour in the heart of Bendigo. 

Diverse diets &

Healthy Living

We are passionate about sustainable living, mindful about diverse diets, health conscious & healthy living alternatives & just plain old deliciousness!


So to all Hipsters and Hicksters, slow foodies to fast paced families, adventure eaters to fancy food tweeters... our doors are open!


Gathering all the

Good Things

Darren and his family are proud to bring the good things to Bendigo. Already rich in history and known for our local food, Bendigo is the perfect place to sample new things, support local farmers and producers and find something just for you. We pride ourselves on gathering all the good things for our community - whether that be for dietry requirements, health & wellness, local living or just for amazing flavours!

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