If you love food...

We Want You!

There is no better time to experience a local Bendigo Hospitality Tourism working lifestyle or be "moving to the country & eat some peaches"...

We are always on the lookout for that something or someone a bit special. We hope that is you!   

We are a quirky community food-store established 30 years in the heart of Bendigo Central Victoria.  We have Bendigo Wholefoods Retail SHOP + Wholefoods Kitchen CAFÉ + Wholefoods DELI (coming soon) + WholeFoodery + AlcoWholery + a Kitchen Garden Nursery.  

We strive for old fashioned customer service and we dabble in a bit of that- save time online, hip tech stuff too. 

Apply for a job with us...
What type of employment are you looking for?
If not full time, how many hours (per week) are you looking for?
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WHICH DAYS ARE YOU AVAILABLE?: We are open Monday to Saturday (very rarely Sunday) and will expect our team to work weekends when needed. Hours of operation range from 7am - 9pm. Our team are expected to be availale Spring/Summer (September - March)
Previous Hospitality Experience?
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To assist with your application, here are some FREE certificates and training you can do before you start with us... Great on your resume and very helpful to you when you start in retail and hospitality. 






We suggest you attach certificates to your application to improve your chances of employment.

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Chef/Cook / Short Order / Food Production + Catering / Kitchen Hand. 

Retail / Hospo All Rounder / FOH food and beverage

# Min 2 years’ experience retail/ hospitality (4 years for Team Leaders/Managers)

# Current RSA, Food Handlers, Do Food Safely (http://dofoodsafely.health.vic.gov.au/)

# You must be available to work Monday to Saturday shifts between 7am- 7pm and sometimes 9pm-ish and some Sundays during Spring/Summer season

You must value the ideals and philosophy of the shop; take ownership and pride in your work and like humans... 


We want a work-culture and a workmate that values the purpose of a local community food store, a small Family owned business, hospitality, enthusiasm, interaction, curiosity, banter, and fun that creates a positive experience and builds lasting relationships with our customers. 


You must like humans, take pride in your work, show initiative, problem solve, strive for workplace results, be a Whole-Team player that works hard to participate in and create a safe supportive work culture and environment that has a strong sense of place and belonging. As well as being clean, tidy, and organised… So, we hope that is you!  

There is also no better time to Learn, Grow, Experience and Contribute to Bendigo and Central Victoria’s Food and Beverage Industry.  Recently awarded the UNESCO City of Gastronomy 


After school & Weekend
' Youngling '

We love giving kids a start in the workforce and have positions suited around school hours. For more information, download this pdf

'Younglings' job description & info for parents