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Loyalty Rewards

We are so happy to announce the launch of our Loyalty Rewards! This has been years in the making - trying to find the best and easiest way for our customers to receive value back!

We feel now is the perfect time to launch this program, when our village has supported us through the last few years and we can finally start to enjoy some rewards together!

It is FREE to sign up and is designed simply to bring joy to our loyal customers. For how it works, see below, or chat to our friendly staff instore.



Collect points for every item you purchase each time you shop and scan it store. Earn Points when you purchase products from the Shop, Cafe and Nursery



Use points to redeem on your next purchase when you shop in store.



Gain access to online exclusive deals and monthly special offers.

These may include:

- % off days

- Seasonal offers

- Event discounts

- Trial offers on new & favourite products


& Comps

Be the first to know about competitions and other promotional offers.

This may include

- Events & functions run by us, or our suppliers

- Launches & Product Promos

- Exclusive member competitions & early access

Sign Up

Sign Up


Fill out the form below to join up! Then simply pop into the shop to collect your card and start earning points!

Thanks for submitting! Please pick up your new card from the shop to start earning points



To view the Wholefoodies Loyalty Rewards Terms & Conditions, click here

What Wholefoods Local Loyalty + Rewards mean...

  • Local Growers & Producers; Supporting local growers and producers – estimated at 25% of all purchasing is from within 150km from the store (pre covid we were buying over 1 million dollars from within the region). We are working on this…This creates jobs and business confidence and local sustainability…

  • Foodshare: Pay It Forward;  Supports the production in Wholefoods KITCHEN for our ‘pay it forward’ program with Bendigo foodshare for those in need + keeping our staff employed through the COVID crunch!

  • Business Confidence for us; The reward is but a small token of appreciation, but the continued support gives us business confidence to invest in re-localised concepts in our business like Wholefoodery, AlcoWholery, Foodshare etc to support the local economy..

  • Creating jobs in Hospitality & Food Tourism; We have lost half our workforce from 40 to 20…We have a plan to rebuild and are on the way with programs like this…We want to be able to employ after schoolies (younglings), Uni students, career professionals in food production in our region of Gastronomy….We truly value training our staff in unique, independent localised business relationships that nurture local employment and a sustainable economy…

  • Food Community + Local Life; supporting our unique food community collaborations to thrive again….wether Region of Gastronomy, Farmers Markets, Food Fossickers, Lyttle Eat Street neighbourhood projects, Bendigo Tourism and Events…etc We want to be involved for the greater good of the regions economy and soul…. And its fun and healthy to do……

  • Rewards for you, and our community; What does that mean besides earning points, redeeming points, Exclusive deals and promotions?  It means that every cent you spend adds value to by connecting to Bendigo Wholefoods, our team, our community, jobs and a sustainable food economy…By investing in Wholefoodie Local Loyalty, our ideas, philosophy, ideology that creates some sense of belonging and being part of something that is uniquely US….

  • Health & wellbeing; Your local loyalty and support in all things that Bendigo Wholefoods creates nurtures meaningful positive purpose for our crew, gives us business confidence and a reason to come to work everyday….So thanks for that …..



What is Wholefoodies about?
Bendigo Wholefoodies is for our amazing community. It is a way to pay back the loyalty of our fabulous customers who have supported and encouraged us, especially through the last few years. When you choose to shop with us, you are supporting our amazing staff and local small business, and we appreciate that. Wholefoodies is free to join and you redeem points and have access to special offers.

What are membership benefits?
You earn points for each item purchased which can be redeemed for cash back rewards and other benefits as they become available.
You can also receive your receipt via email.

Who is eligible to join?
Anyone over the age of 18 with a valid email address is eligible to join the program.

How do I join the program?
The easiest way to join is to sign up at the registers at Bendigo Wholefoods where you will receive your Wholefoodies loyalty card.  You can also register via our website (link) and collect your card on your next visit to Bendigo Wholefoods.

What am I agreeing to by joining?
By becoming a Wholefoodies member, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the program (link).

How do I start collecting points?
Once you have your card, you can start earning points immediately.  Simply scan your card at the register once you have selected your purchases.  Points will be added for each product you buy.

How are points allocated / calculated?
One point is earned for each whole dollar value for each individual product you purchase.  For example, an item costing $3.95 will earn 3 points.

Where can I earn points?
Points can be earned at Bendigo Wholefoods shop and at Wholefoods Kitchen café.

Can I earn points online?
Currently points cannot be earned online

When do my points expire?
Points do not expire while you are an active Wholefoodies member. If your account is inactive for over 12 months, we may close your account and void the points.

How can I change my details?
You can update your details in the customer portal (link).  After signing up, your login is your email address and your password is your phone number (no spaces).

How can I see my current balance?
You can see your current balance via the customer portal (link) or by scanning your card at the register at Bendigo Wholefoods or Wholefoods Kitchen.

How do I redeem my rewards?
Rewards appear at the registers once you scan your Wholefoodies card.  Our staff will let you know when a reward is available to be redeemed.

How can I opt out?
Please contact Bendigo Wholefoods via email or phone to cancel your membership.  (03)5443 9492

When I make a purchase and pay with a Bendigo Wholefoods gift card, can I earn points?
No points are earned when making a purchase with a Bendigo Wholefoods gift card or eGift card. Points are earned for purchase of gift cards in store.

Can I redeem earned points immediately?
Points are added to your account once purchases are made and payment is taken.  You can redeem these points at your next visit should you become eligible for a reward.

What do I do if I believe points were not added to my account?
Please contact us at Bendigo Wholefoods shop if you believe your points were not awarded.  Either come in to the registers, or contact us via email, or phone, (03)5443 9492

What are the current rewards?
Currently there is a Wholefoodies $5.00 reward.  This can be redeemed once your points balance reaches 100 points.

What if I forget my card?
If you don’t have your card at the time of purchase, we can look up your account using the email address you used to register your membership.  We can also use your mobile phone number to look up your account.


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