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The AlcoWholery 


Doing a liquor list for a Wholefoods store was an interesting proposition. This AlcoWholery liquor list is the best version of a small, carefully curated, hand crafted, local & Lo-fi liquor list from Victoria with only 30 lines of Beer, Wine and Cider that we can offer.  


So yep, we did our homework, and came up with the following themes and combinations: 

  • Firstly, we picked local regional producers with traditional small batch, hand harvested methods. These include some of the Lo-Fi natural, innovative, slightly eccentric, arty urban cult wines and beverage styles that the producers either work in collaboration within our local region or within the broader Victoria wine regions. 

  • It has to be about Victoria more than ever. It was also important that these producers also had an alignment with the values and ideology of what Bendigo Wholefoods is about. So here is our ‘pick of the bunch’…. We hope you have as much fun as us finding your flavour, cheers!


Seasonal Liquor Lists

We wanted to hand pick styles of beer, wine and cider to connect with the type of food our customers love. Our Café food menu, showcases our range of the Wholefoodery - Pickle, Preserve & 'Providor for the Store' foods. Our Shop Boxes, and Festive Foods Christmas crates, celebrates our amazing Victorian suppliers - who have continued to create the most amazing cheeses, dips, crackers, fruit, veg and more! We really are so lucky to live in this region!


We have two seasonal liquor lists throughout the year….
Basically, we can always find a reason in the season 😊


  • Warm Season - Spring Summer list runs from September to February list will focus on lighter, fruity-fresh, cherry berry, spritz sparkly, slightly chilled out, zingy, to cool for school, tingly when life should be peachy….,ISO escapism…..picnic, party, platter, potter. 

  • Cool Season - Autumn Winter list runs from March to August list will focus on richer, riper, rounded, puckery, peppery, plumy…all the R+P words plus vanilla or chocolate….but we are not in the cool season yet…we will get to this…in time…..


Liquor Legend

To assist with the BamBOOZEL, this Liquor Legend is found at the start of the AlcoWholery Liquor List. There are so many methodologies to making alcoholic beverages.  Our Local & Lofi Liquor List have their own quirks too…..So the Liquor Legend is designed to breakdown the BamBOOZEL of beer, wine and cider making as best we can to hit some key aspects that align to the Bendigo Wholefoods. Our way of doing things.   Besides the important style guide of; Look? Smell? Taste? Mouthfeel? Smash ability? Useability? Drinkability? Reasonability? Other features and reasons come to mind for our customers who might consider these producers for different reasons and who are more likely to shop for these products in our store.  We really hope this does not further BamBOOZEL you 😊


·     Local Region – 150km

·     Certified Biodynamic

·     Certified Organic

·     Organic Practices

·     Sustainable Practices

·     Minimal Intervention

·     Low Sulphur

·     No Sulphur

·     Unfiltered-Haze

·     Preservative Free

·     Vegan Friendly

·     LoFi – Natural

Lo-Fi or Natural Beer? Cider? Wine?


Bringing a Lo-fi Liquor List into Bendigo Wholefoods store does add some ambitious challenges given the various styles and how this liquor needs to be managed and understood. Our team are on a very interesting journey with our adventure eating customers. Lo-Fi is a new term being thrown around for Natural Wine noting that all wine is kind of mostly natural or should be.


"What is Lo-Fi wine? You may have heard the term ‘natural wine’ before… ‘natural wine’ has become something of a catch all for a school of hard-core winemaking that eschews many common modern winemaking interventions. By and large, this means either organic or biodynamic agriculture, indigenous yeasts (preferably those from the vineyard), little (if any) oak, no additions - such as acidification, and as little sulfur as humanly possible." 



​Often, Lo-Fi wines have a focus on fruit, with a grape's ability to convey a sense of place and a sense of itself. Likewise, Lo-Fi means un-fined with minimal if any filtration. We can put up with a little haze if it means the wine is more vital and alive and fuller in flavour – something we are about! But in this freestyle space, who knows what will turn up in a bottle?…or a can?….We hope you enjoy this juicy journey with us….


Some Lo-Fi articles that may interest you….


IMPORTANT: Storage of LOFI wine.  

Lo-fi wines are susceptible to heat as they are mostly unfiltered, have dissolved Co2, and are under cork. The Ideal temperature for storage is 14 degrees C.

Shop Instore

You can view our available wines instore (displayed behind the counter). Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, whether to add Liquor to a hamper, to pre-order etc …. Our friendly team are ready to help.


Liquor Licence: Please read the fine print further below.




Licence No. 31959846


Licensee THE SPUD FAMILY PTY LTD (ACN:124 191 395) T/A Bendigo Wholefoods/AlcoWholery (ABN: 18 747 551 531)


Nominee: Darren Murphy


TYPE OF LICENCE This licence is a general licence and authorises the licensee to supply liquor on the licensed premises for consumption on and off the licensed premises during the trading hours specified below. This licence does not authorise the licensee to only supply liquor for consumption off the licensed premises. AMENITY The licensee shall not cause or permit undue detriment to the amenity of the area to arise out of or in connection with the use of the premises to which the licence relates during or immediately after the trading hours authorised under this licence. The licensee shall ensure that the level of noise emitted from the licensed premises shall not exceed the permissible noise levels for entertainment noise as specified in the State Environment Protection Policy (Control of Music Noise from Public Premise ) No.N-2. MAXIMUM CAPACITIES Internal (75 patrons), external (125 patrons), overall capacity (200 patrons) SPECIAL CONDITION Music in the external area must be at background levels only. ORDERS FOR LIQUOR VIA A WEBISTE Internet orders for the supply of liquor may be taken at any time on any day. Orders may only be taken through the following website:


WARNING Under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 it is an offence . To supply alcohol to a person under the age of 18 years (Penalty exceeds $17,000) . For a person under the age of 18 years to purchase or receive liquor (Penalty exceeds $700)


The licensee is required to prominently display the number of this licence on any website TRADING HOURS On any day other than Sunday, Good Friday, ANZAC Day or Christmas Day Between 9am and 11pm Sunday Between 10am and 11pm ANZAC Day Between 12 noon and 11pm


WHOLESALE SUPPLY - Please contact

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