Global Food: Go Global

We love that every time we pick up a magazine such as Delicious that the recipes will often have an asterix next to items in the ingredients.  At the bottom it will say “*available from selected greengrocers/ Asian grocery stores/ delicatessens….” And you know what? We haven’t found an ingredient they’ve listed yet that we don’t have.

All your interesting bits and pieces for Moroccan cooking such as pomegranate molasses, rosewater, harissa, labne are on the shelves.  We stock shrimp paste, kaffir lime leaves, fish sauce, fresh turmeric and galangal for Thai cooking.  If it’s Japanese you’re into we have miso, inari, tempura batter, pickled daikon, nori sheets, shitake and more.  The Chinese section has always been the biggest with over 10 types of soy, shaoxing wine, peking duck and a huge range of other sauces. 

Our freezers have a heap of yum cha ingredients such as roast pork, custard and red bean buns, spring roll and wonton wrappers and the yummiest of dumplings. One of the great new addictive additions is the Russian pasta pockets called Pelmeni.

As Bendigo’s global community grows, it’s a great thing to be able to learn and grow together through food.  We have helped form a community cooking group for people of all different cultural backgrounds that meets monthly.  If you want to be involved in Around the World from one Kitchen 

email:  or phone Nicole on 0408 321339.